The term “FPC” stands for our expertise in the field, while “Wing” signifies our commitment to taking your electronic designs to new heights. Together, FPCWing embodies our dedication to providing innovative, high-quality FPC solutions, helping your ideas soar above and beyond expectations.

Who are We

FPCWING focuses on operating flexible circuit boards, founded by a core team of experienced sales and engineering professionals from the flexible PCB industry. Several key members of the FPCWING team have more than 10 years of combined experience in the industry, with clear advantages in designing FPC products for both existing and emerging markets.

Our company products include single-sided boards, double-sided boards, multi-layer boards, rigid-flex boards, electric heaters, and other FPC components. The company’s products are used in many industries and fields such as communications, notebook computers, automotive electronics, power batteries, food heating, electrical appliances, security monitoring, and medical equipment.

Our Mission

FPCWING is committed to providing customers with complete electronic connection solutions. Our advantage starts with a deep understanding of customer expectations, coupled with innovative engineering design, quality components, and competitive manufacturing, we provide customers with products that are valued for money!

Our Vision

FPCWING attaches great importance to enhancing the R&D strength of the company. The company continues to invest in strong R&D expenses, which can not only help customers solve the latest technology and product requirements but also effectively help customers save costs and effectively improve the competitiveness of customer products. Providing value and making your investment worthwhile: this is our goal.

Core Values

Integrity + Innovation + Teamwork+ Excellence + Sustainability

FPC Manufacturing Machine

HITACHI Drilling

Black Hole

Vertical Continuous Plating

LDI Exposure


Vacuum DES


Automatic Stiffener Sticker Machine

Automatic CVL Sticker Machine

Inkjet Printer

OS Testing Machine

Automatic Punching

Four-wires Tester

Laser Cutting

FPC Manufacturing Machine-SMT

Automatic Paste Printer 

Chip Mounter


Reflow Oven



Test Equipment

Temperature Rise Tester

RoHS Tester



X-ray Plating Thk Tester

LCR Tester

Peel Strength Tester

Dimension Test Equipment

Wire Bonding Tester

Thermal Shock Tester

Fusible Link Tester

Wire Bonding Tester

Why Choose Us?

Efficient Production & Delivery

We have efficient production lines and abundant inventory, ensuring that customer orders are completed and shipped in a timely manner.

Professional Technical Strength

With years of experience and technical accumulation in FPC production, we can provide high-quality and reliable products for our customers.

Customized Services

We can tailor FPC solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers.

High Cost-performance Ratio

Our products offer reasonable prices while maintaining quality, saving costs for our customers.

Excellent After-sales Service

We provide a comprehensive after-sales service system to address any issues customers may encounter during the use of our products.

Strict Quality Control

Our production process strictly adheres to international quality standards and certifications, ensuring product quality and stability.

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